Thu Duc III Water Treatment Plant

TP Thu Duc, TP HCM, Vietnam

Project Info


Saigon Clean Water Trading and Investment Joint Stock Company (SWIC)

Project Type




General Contractor

Joint Venture CC1 and Passavant Energy & Environment GmbH


300.000 m3/day

Execution Time

36 month

Operation Time

12 month

Operation Time

12 month


Surface Water Treatment: flocculation- / sedimentation (TLME) and multi-layer filter


River Water is taken from the Dong Nai River and feed to the Treatment Plant in Thu Duc. The Treatment process consists of coagulation and flocculation, separation by gravity sedimentation, and finally by dual media filtration.
Disinfection and distribution to the Network.

The whole process is monitored online from a center Control Room and controlled by a SCADA System. Transmission Line DN 1600 with Vent-valves and Air release Valves. Water Treatment Plant, Inlet Distribution Chamber, Flow Meters, Chemical Dosing Stations for FeCl3, Chlorination, Lime-Milk Preparation Plant with Dosing Pumps, Polymer Dosing Stations, Fluoride Preparation and Dosing, Pre-Treatment with Lamella Separator (TLME), Secondary Treatment with Dual Media Filters, Backwash Water Pumping Station, Air-Blower, Sludge Dewatering, Instrumentation and Automation, SCADA System, Laboratory Equipment. Spare Part Package, O&M Training, Trial Operation, Treated Water Pumping Station with Surge Protection, Automatic Sampling System, Firefighting Pumps, and Service Water Pumping-station.