Phu Dong Ward, Gia Lam District , Hanoi, Vietnam

Project Info


Aquaone Corporation Hanoi

Project Type

Engineering Procurement Construction


06/2018 - 12/2009

General Contractor

Aone Deutschland AG, Leipzig Germany


220.000 m3 / Day

Execution Time

10 month

Operation Time


Operation Time



River Water Treatment Plant


The Duong River Surface Water Treatment Plant adds a solution to the supply of water to a city that is constantly facing a shortage of clean water. The plant is part of Hanoi’s vision to provide clean water for all residents by 2030. Phase one of the plant has been put into operation, and the city has several expansion plans that will significantly increase the capacity capacity of the plant, and when completed, will provide clean water for nearly three million people. The plant takes water from the Duong River, then treats it and puts it into the largest clean water supply network in Vietnam, with a total of nearly 70 km of pipelines.

Design steps: Concept design [Basic Design]; Detail design and Civil Guidance Design
Contractors Scope of works: Design, Supply-, Installation-, Commissioning and Testing of equipment for all items, such as: Raw Water Pumping Station and Water Treatment Plant in Phase 1B (the Design is prepared for the capacity of 200,000 [220,000] m3/day, M&E works are designed for Phase 1B with the capacity of 200,000 [220,000] m3/day only)
Concept design for water treatment plant with capacity of 200,000 [220,000] m3/day; general layout drawing is developed for the total final plant capacity of 900,000 m3/day [The Owner’s design consultancy will develop the concept design in basic- and detail design period under checking and supervising of the Contractor and with reference to the design scope of the Contractor].
– Engineering; detailed design; Civil Guidance Design (design documents to be appraised and approved by the Employer).
– Procurement of M&E equipment and materials for Phase 1B; plant capacity: 200,000 [220,000] m3/day
– M&E installation works for M&E equipment supplied by the Contractor
– Testing; commissioning; performance guarantees;
– Training and Technical Assistance;
– Issuing O&M manual;
– Relevant tasks and works (if needed)