BUCHER unipektin AG, Sludge Dewatering Pilot Plant

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Project Info



Project Type

Pilot Plant for Demo


06-2021 until present

General Contractor



5-12 kg/h DS

Execution Time

Q2-Q4 2021

Operation Time

Q2-Q4 2021

Operation Time

Q2-Q4 2021


The mobile dewatering unit HPS 207 Container is a pilot plant used for solid-liquid separation of different sludge types. The HPS press is the efficient solution for dewatering of municipal, industrial and drinking water sludge.


Sludge management is becoming a major issue for drinking water plant operations. Sludge discharge in the river, sea or sewer is or will be regulated in the future, and operators have to find new evacuation ways with less impact on our environment.

Drinking water sludge dewatering and evacuation are becoming an important part of drinking water production costs, with growing discharge costs.

Conventional technologies face process limitations.

In most cases, the centrifuge can only be operated with polymer, and the filter press needs to be operated with pre-liming. Centrifuges don’t allow to reach high DS contents and filter press require operator’s intervention at discharging.

The Bucher HPS is one of the most innovative and efficient sludge dewatering units available on the market.
The Bucher press not only combines the advantages of decanter and filter press but will also bring significant improvement in comparison to the strength of other processes.

  • Conduct trial laboratory tests with Sludge from Customer to identify the best Flocculation aid.
  • Inspection of the equipment during Custom clearance at Cat Lai Port HCMC
  • Supervision of unloading and connection of the Pilot Machine
  • Pre-testing of the system, commissioning and start up the Pilot Plant
  • Conduct trial runs with different Sludge and Flocculation aid